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Publications, presentations and reports of relevance to the All-Party Group's activities.


The Economics of the Food System Transformation, Global Policy Report

Food System Economics Commission

January 2024

Sowing the seeds: A blooming English horticultural sector

House of Lords Horticultural Sector Committee

November 2023

Powering productivity for sustainable UK food security


November 2023

2023 Global Agricultural Productivity Report

Virginia Tech

October 2023

Methane emissions in livestock and rice systems – Sources, quantification, mitigation and metrics


September 2023

Growing British – a strategy paper for promoting fresh produce production in the UK

University of Warwick

August 2023

How to Manage the Global Land Squeeze? Produce, Protect, Reduce, Restore

World Resources Institute

July 2023

Points to Ponder on Gene Editing: Can We Edit the Future of Food?


July 2023

Farming Innovations to Deliver Net Zero

APPG Science & Technology in Agriculture

July 2023

Net Zero & Livestock: Bridging the Gap


July 2023

Why we need a National Academy for Sustainable Agriculture

Food Research Collaboration

May 2023

AUC Research Strategy 2023

UK Agricultural Universities Council

May 2023

Gene editing and food safety: Technical considerations and potential relevance to the work of Codex Alimentarius


April 2023

Life sciences beyond human health: modern industrial biotechnology in the UK

CIIP, University of Cambridge

March 2023

Reducing emissions from agriculture – the role of new farm technologies

Scottish Government

February 2023

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