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Welcome to the web-site of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science & Technology in Agriculture. The Group was established in March 2008 to provide a forum for Parliamentarians and other interested parties to debate and highlight the value of science and technology in agriculture.

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The global challenges of climate change, food security and resource protection are focusing future thinking about and within our farming industry. Advances in science and technology are essential to help UK agriculture respond positively to these challenges. But without a more balanced and informed debate, these goals may be missed, and opportunities for British farmers may be lost.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science & Technology in Agriculture (APPGSTA) aims to promote debate among UK politicians and other stakeholders, not only to understand the role of science and technology in 21st Century agriculture, but also to identify any policy, knowledge-based or regulatory barriers to its adoption.



Is agricultural science valued in the UK? Is our science policy and R&D framework fit for purpose? Is the transmission from laboratory to field working effectively, and focused on the right priorities? Does our regulatory framework foster or stifle innovation - is the balance right between productivity and environmental protection? What role do the media and NGOs play in influencing public attitudes towards new technology?

These and other issues will shape the Group's work in addressing a key priority for today's society in preparing for future generations.


Julian Sturdy MP
All-Party Parliamentary Group on Science & Technology in Agriculture


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The Group’s activities are supported by a range of food, farming and research organisations including:
Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC), agricultural biotechnology council (ABC), British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB), Crop Protection Association (CPA), Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB), UK Flour Millers, National Farmers' Union (NFU) and NIAB.


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